Wisdom Tooth Removal

Having problems with your wisdom teeth? Book in for a consultation at Mary Dental today. From our clinic in Oakleigh South, we provide pain-free wisdom teeth removal for patients across Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs including Bentleigh East, Clayton, Moorabbin, Murrumbeena and the surrounding areas.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to emerge in the mouth. For most people they emerge between the ages of 17 and 25. Because they emerge so much later than other teeth, many people experience problems with their wisdom teeth, which is why they often need to be removed. Common reasons for wisdom teeth removal include:

Wisdom Tooth Removal Murrumbeena

Impacted wisdom teeth don’t have enough space to fully emerge or grow properly. This can result in them being partially or completely trapped within the jawbone or gum tissue, leading to pain, swelling, infection, and damage to surrounding teeth.

Emerging wisdom teeth can lead to crowding and misalignment of the existing teeth. This can affect the alignment achieved through orthodontic treatment (braces) and may require extraction to prevent further dental complications.

Partially erupted wisdom teeth can create openings in the gums where bacteria can enter and cause infection. This can lead to inflammation, pain, and the development of gum disease.

Wisdom teeth are located at the back of the mouth, making them difficult to clean properly. This can make them more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Removing them can be a preventative measure to avoid decay and cavities.

In rare cases, cysts or tumors may form around impacted wisdom teeth. These growths can cause damage to the jawbone, adjacent teeth, and nerves. Removing the impacted teeth can prevent the development or progression of these conditions.

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